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   4. Business Coaching

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   6. Retreats

Couples Coaching

Julia has given us tools to help navigate open communication in our relationship. We’ve learned to identify ways in which negative behaviour and stress can impact ourselves and each other and what thought processes can be practised to create a more positive mindset. 

We’ve been enjoying the sessions and find them very helpful. 


Life Coaching

Coaching helped me gain techniques to deal with cravings and bad habits. I received guidance from Julia about social and family situaions which helped me see issues from multiple perspectives in turn helping me reflect on myself. From coaching I’ve become fitter and more nutritional in the kitchen while being held accountable. Coaching has given me belief in myself again that I can achieve what I want to in life. I feel more energetic and motivated to finish university and move forward with a purposeful life.

-Doug 22yrs

 I reached out to Julia a couple of months ago after feeling very lost, lacking direction, confidence and feeling an overwhelming sense of “what am I doing with my life”. I was struggling with coming to terms with who I was as a person and the anxiety that came with this. My day to day activities and relationships were heavily affected. The warmth that Julia came with during our first appointment allowed me to freely open up and explore all avenues of my life and potential reasons for how and why I was feeling the way that I did. I was able to share aspects of my life with her without feeling judged or ashamed. Julia helped me find simple solutions to integrate into a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally, prioritising my relationship with myself first and get back on track with my goals for the future. Meeting with Julia has been one of the highlights of my year, I finally feel myself again and know that I am entering 2024 with someone who truly has my best interests at heart and is dedicated to see my happy. I am truly grateful for all that she has done and continues to do for me.

-Ash age 22 yrs  


One of the tools I use in coaching is EFT or Tapping.  Here is what one of my clients said to me about her experience with it:
When Julia started to talk about tapping I was a bit hesitant... I hadn't ever heard of it before but I thought I'd give it a go - why not! I was surprised to find how it unlocked all of the thoughts in my head that often felt too tangled up to deal with. Not only that, but, the positive affirmations really stuck with me in ways I hadn't experienced before. I noticed myself shutting down my negative inner voice with positive words used in my tapping sessions. 8 weeks in and I find myself tapping on my thoughts and feelings in a casual way while I'm out walking or even brushing my teeth! It has impacted the way I talk to and about myself which has given me confidence and helped to grow my resilience. 

Thanks Julia! 
-Molly F 

I have been a client of Julia’s for about 10 years now.

When I first started seeing Julia, I was overweight, unsettled, anxious and drank excessively daily.

I did not sleep well and was taking anti-depressants. I was unmotivated and had no meaningful purpose in life.

I had an unhealthy diet consisting mainly of fast food, pies, and junk food. I regularly skipped breakfast and lunch. My house and garden were a mess.

Over the years Julia has help me become more healthier, more focused and have a positive outlook on life.

I am more confident, have developed social skills and meeting people. I am happier in life and have engaged in more activities. I am no longer taking anti-depressants

My house is cleaner, and I have carried out several renovations.

My diet is healthier, I have improved my cooking skills and have developed an interest in cooking, attended cooking classes and have subscribed to cooking channels on the internet. I now enjoy trying new recipes.

Julia provided me with tools such as tapping, encouraged exercising and walking. Julia follows up and sent me various links on exercising, cooking, relaxation, and techniques for removing anxiety.

Julia was firm and did not let me get away with much especially when I started falling back into my old ways.  I see here for WOF check ups every 4-8 weeks

I would definitely recommend Julia for life coaching and or personal training.

-Anil M 


I am very grateful for your support over the past year, and you and your magic were there for me, just at the right time!  What was exceptional was using Tapping to get to the bottom of the hidden thoughts and feelings that revealed themselves as I tapped.  I was constantly surprised and excited about what showed up and then accept what was there, really see it, and keep tapping on it.  It is such a great tool, it is not complicated, it is so effective in its simplicity.  I found it very helpful to use on my healing journey,  and thank you for offering this tool and guiding me in the process. 

Thanks Julia, it doesn't really seem enough!  But from my heart, 💜 I am glad I found you, I guess it was shown to me, that you were there, and now I'm here after working with you!

-Sandra H 

Julia has been fantastic to work with. She has made me proactive in changing my behavior to further improve myself. She is warm and approachable, and I also love how she always has such yummy tea!'

-Emma Middleton March 

After running a successful business for years, I was looking for something new to get into. Unfortunately I had been stuck in a rut for months, making very little progress with my enthusiasm and energy levels very low. I finally decided to do something about it, I had a look for life coaches in Wellington and Julia's profile stood out. My gut feel told me that she had the perfect work and business background to help me. My sessions with her were fantastic, she helped me create a plan and get me back on track. I now feel I'm in a great space, heading for something bigger and better in my life. My energy levels are high again, I'm getting fit and exploring new and potentially exciting opportunities. I highly recommend Julia, she has a great knack of seeing your big picture and reflecting it to you in a way which is uncomplicated.


I have struggled with anxiety and depression since an early age and have tried many different therapists but could never find one that i felt was the perfect ‘fit’. I was gifted sessions with Julia for my 27th birthday in an effort to take back control of my life. Julia is so welcoming and makes you feel like you are having tea with a friend. She has given me tools that have made me able to identify triggers and thoughts before they become consuming, and I am now able to enjoy the now without fear.


Before I met Julia, I was in a rut - I didn’t have much of a sense of direction but had the motivation to change. Julia really helped guide my thoughts and aided me in understanding certain behavioral patterns, I knew were holding me back but didn’t know how to handle.
Her gentle and understanding nature gave me the comfort I needed to open up and discuss many aspects of my life I haven’t in the past, which was met with sound practical advice that I was able to put to use immediately. Her Border Collie, Harry, is an absolute gentleman also.
Since my last session with Julia I feel more in control of my life, with a rekindled sense of purpose. I have a re-invigorated sense of motivation for my new path in life and I can’t wait to get started.
Ngā mihi nui, Julia

-Tama Solomon 27Yrs 

 My partner suggested I see Julia to help me with anxiety and depression.  Being a male my natural inclination was not to want to talk about things but through a combination of expert listening and probing questions Julia made that very easy and to my surprise I was very soon at my ease and chatting.  To find out that I was not alone in my ‘funk’ made a huge difference and Julia was also able to provide me with the tools I needed to cope with and overcome my anxiety.  I now feel much better about things and would recommend Julia to anybody. Regards,


I contacted Julia as I was going through some major shifts in my life and I wanted some guidance as to how to work through what was happening in a positive way. Julia is straight up and has a wealth of knowledge and tools that helped me gain some clarity and insight around some thoughts that weren't helping me move forward as well as learning to be grateful and learning about a concept called 'RAIN' and not buying into every thought and emotion that I have.

 The biggest 'aha' moment for me was when Julia mentioned empowerment, owning it and not giving it away, that was very powerful and I felt so much stronger after talking and learning more about that. I would absolutely recommend Julia to help anyone find some direction and help you through some issues.

 Thank you Julia!  

-Business woman and mother (Blenheim) 

I have been very busy over the holiday period with friends and spending time working on myself, which I thank you for helping me to do. 

I have and will continue to recommend you and your service to any of my friends who might be in a rut as I was - or just feel they need to get back on track but don't know how. I would suggest your coaching to anyone as I feel it could be beneficial to all walks of life. 
I hope you started this year off well, and I wish you all the best for the new year.
Thanks a million,  

-Millie Pierson :) age 17 years 

 I'm not sure if you remember me - I had some sessions with you at the start of 2016 which I had to stop when my husband was made redundant. I came to you in quite a bad place - very overweight, unhappy in my work, unhappy in my marriage, had a victim mentality, in a dark place.  I just wanted to send you an update on where I am at 3 years later.................

 I"ll always need to be mindful not to slip back in to that victim mentality.

I would like to share one amazing thing with you... just this weekend I completed my first half Ironman in Taupo. Attached my what i call my glory photo :) Such an amazing experience and I'll definitely do another.

 I just want to thank you... I truly believe with the support, guidance and direction you helped me find I was able to make bold decisions to make the changes I needed to in my life to be happy... to find my true self. I'm not sure what the future holds but I'm excited. 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how things have been and the long term impact the sessions I had with you have had on my life.  


 My wife contacted Julia after I experienced a panic attack at work, I needed time away due the stress and anxiety which had severely incapacitated me. At that time, I was unable to think clearly, so Julia helped me to organise my thoughts and help me to understand where I had got to in my life. Julia encouraged me to discover what was important to life, me. Working with Julia I have been able to work through a difficult time and now Julia is coaching me to re-discover new opportunities. Having the skills and experience Julia offers a holistic approach, creating a peaceful environment to enabling me to discover what life has to offer.  

-Nigel Bird 

I've learnt more about self-discipline related to things in my life like, gaming, red bull, food choices and exercise.  

Life coaching has made me realise I can do things like finishing my degree this year, putting myself out there, gaining more confidence and setting new healthy habits and routines like daily exercise and eating well.  Julia is easier to talk to than when I was going to a therapist i.e. with life coaching if there was a problem, I leaned how to address and overcome it, whereas with a therapist it felt more negative and I felt something was wrong with me. With Julia and life coaching I felt it was working on myself and making me better without any labels.

I found Harry Julia's Border Collie helped me at times to relax and calm down and talk more openly.  

-Tom Dunn Age 22yrs 


I decided to seek Julia's help after feeling fed up and stuck with continuing negative thoughts and anxiety that had become part of my everyday life, affecting my health, home and work life. Julia is easy to talk to, positive, friendly and encouraging. She calmly asks the good questions in order to understand where you are coming from and listens. She discuses other perspectives and gives sound advice. Working with Julia I was able to accept the things that happened in my past that I cannot change, and with her encouragement and support I changed the things I could in manageable steps. I was able to change my thought patterns and overcome my anxiety, bringing back balance and perspective in my life. Loving who I am today is the ultimate. The spin off is more self-confidence. Now my bouts of anxiety have almost gone through a combination of efforts including mindfulness, and EFT techniques.

Through Julia I have learnt to enjoy the moment, now, today and every day and not worry about tomorrow. We can plan for the future but not worry about things we have no control over. To do more of what we enjoy doing. If we are happy today and doing what we enjoy then we will bring more positive things into our lives. 

Julia is a wonderful life coach and was just what I needed. Thank you Julia 

Regards – and looking forward to the catch up in Oct.  

-Suzanne van der Jagt 

 Julia has enabled me to change my life. Prior to connecting with Julia I struggled enormously in one area of my life – eating. I wasn’t in control, food controlled me. It was beginning to feel like my only 2 choices in life were to either weigh more than I was happy with, while eating junk food, or miserably restricting what I ate, and always fighting the urge to give in. Needless to say neither of those choices sounded appealing so I went in search of a better option. Julia has provided me with strategies and support to change my habits. Now I am back in control and that feels fantastic.

-Emily Stevenson 

I looked to Julia for help in October 2015, as I was looking for a personal trainer. I thought I should give it a go with no real expectations. I called Julia one afternoon and one of the first things she told me was "Oh dear, you need a life coach" she was right, after 5 sessions I was confident with my gym routine, but also with my body and mind. I also found the man of my life by relying on her advice.

10 months after I re-contacted Julia to help me get more confidence in my new role at work; 
(I have been promoted to a much higher position after working hard for years) once again, Julia increased my expectations by making me get what I want. 

We are still working on a healthier work/life balance but I can truly say that she is the kindest, non-judgmental and positive person I’ve ever met. She made me become such a stronger person. 

I highly recommend Julia and her coaching if you have any trouble to reach you happiness, as she will give you the best advice to get success in your life.

-Camille Furminieux, Manager 

My coaching sessions with Julia have proved to be invaluable to all aspects of my life - mind, body and soul.

Julia has helped me to break free of my self imposed restraints and step up to reach my full potential and confidently move forward in the direction of my dreams, she has such a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer and a fun, friendly and nurturing approach that puts you immediately at ease and allows for conversation to flow effortlessly.  My time spent with Julia has greatly improved my physical, spiritual and professional lives and has left me with the tools I need to keep moving forward.  Coaching sessions with Julia are truly a worthwhile investment in your future.


Thanks for the conversations we had. It is not natural for me to discuss life's challenges with any one and I tend to minimise issues to others.  Working with you was very constructive for me and I found that I was able to talk through some of life's stumbling blocks with your guidance and start to move forward. You have a talent for engaging, drawing out information yet not leading rather allowing others to reach their own decisions.  

-Lyndsey Jacobs 

Coaching is not what I expected, thought that a coach would tell me what to do! Instead I found a person who had similar values to me, who listened and listened and in the process directed me to solve my own issues and make decisions about next steps. When I find myself needing a sounding board again, I will be at Julia's door asking for another session.

-Nicola Teacher 


For a long time I was coasting through life with very little in the way of direction. With Julia's help I feel I'm now back on track. I've been able to establish very clearly in my mind who I am as a person in terms of values, what it is I want to do and what goals I'll need to set to get there - many of which I've since achieved.  

-Thomas Prebble 28yrs 

 I approached Julia for life coaching at a time when I was full of ideas but lacking direction. Julia showed me the way in just a few sessions. It was very helpful having advice and support outside of my friends and family – simply to see things from an outside point of view. 

I found that each session with Julia I would discover or learn something new. Leaving no stone unturned, she approaches the big stuff as well as the tiny little things, such as everyday habits you never knew you had. A few sessions with Julia and you start to see just how vast your potential for success really is.  Julia has a way of motivating you without inflicting authority over you. She doesn’t tell you how to live your life, she shows you instead how to steer yourself in the right direction. It’s a really nice approach. 

Julia as a Life Coach is not unlike your favourite sports coach in that she has plenty of her own experience to draw from, plus a big bag of tricks, a big heart, and most importantly, she wants you to win! 

I’m glad I found Julia. I now have a clear direction in which I’m heading and it is truly empowering. My life is now undergoing some really exciting developments and I’m sure I’ll be back to see Julia in the next phase.

-Nathalie Mercer 

 I sought out Julia's coaching during a very low point in my life.  I had known my issues were all ones that I imposed on myself from within, but I just didn't know how to handle things any differently than I always had.  I didn't even really trust that I could change. But I knew I needed to try right then before I could imagine the rest of my life going the same way.  

I met with Julia, and although I was skeptical about how we'd work through things, I was comfortable opening up to her.  We made a plan to move forward, starting with small steps, and we also discussed techniques to get control of the downward spiral way I was thinking.  With Julia's guidance, support, and regular meetings, I found myself in a drastically different state than where I had come from. My mentality shifted.  I'm not only making strides in accomplishing the things I want to, but I'm also shedding negatives that I would have previously defined myself with. 

I am now excited and hopeful for my future, instead of afraid of it.  Thank you Julia, sincerely. --Yasmin Khudari 

Personal Training

I have been having fortnightly coaching sessions with Julia for nearly two years. Julia has helped me to improve my core body strength, posture and general fitness.

I am delighted with what she has helped me achieve and I always look forward to my sessions with her as a real treat. She is always on time and fully engaged to give me her very best.

I did not want to spend my time in gym in town preferring to do the outside coaching and in her little private gym. This has been also a great advantage as I don’t have to rely on a gym for my daily exercise as everything I do can be carried out in the local environment.

She is worth every cent of what she provides to her clients. 

I very highly recommend Julia Brooke for the services she offers.

-Rosemary Rushford 

 I came to Julia feeling like everything was wrong with my life and I didn’t know where to start to fix it.  My weight was spiralling out of control, I was miserable at work and felt alone (even though I have a loving husband, great family and wonderful friends).

 The first session we talked about my story and why I was there.  From that discussion Julia challenged me to focused on creating time for myself, and on my nutrition – I started keeping a food diary.  We kept talking about nutrition as we went through, but each session we continued to build on it to get to the underlying reasons why I was eating the way I was/feeling the way that I was.  The sessions were driven by me and what I wanted to talk about/cover, but at the same time Julia was able to ensure each session made me reflect and grow.

 3 ½ months later I feel like a different woman.  I am 8kg lighter, I can run 12km (aiming for a half marathon) and have a much healthier relationship with food.  I still don’t know what I want my next career move to be, but I know that whatever it ends up being I won’t be taking a lot of the baggage with me.  I no longer feel like a victim and feel empowered at work, at home, and most importantly to put myself first.  Thank you Julia for everything!

-Melissa Clarkson 

 I often got bored at the gym and with training so decided to get a PT, best move ever! I came across Julia through my gym, I loved the idea she was not only a PT but also I life coach so had a holistic view and how they all go hand in hand.

I am general pretty motivated so was looking for a knowledgeable PT who could teach me new workouts, exercises and stretches. Julia is a fountain of knowledge and very good on a personal level. She has helped me reach a number of personal goals including weight loss and improving general fitness and strength. 
You have been a breath of fresh air Julia and I have learnt so much from you. I have no hesitations recommending Julia to friends and family.

-Maree Werder 


I chose Julia because she understands my goals. I didn't want to be a super-fit athlete – just wanted to get stronger and more toned, and to lose a few of those pesky kilos.  Not terribly difficult goals, but I just wasn't making headway on them by myself.

 Julia provides me with the motivation I need to continually challenge myself.  With her as my trainer, I have cycled 80km in the Taupo cycle challenge, and completed two triathlons.  And I am slowly but surely getting rid of those extra few kilos!

 I look better, I feel better, and I'm healthier than I was a year ago.

 Thanks, Julia - your support has made all the difference!

-Cathy Sneyd 

 I enjoy playing tennis at a competitive level and fitness is a big factor, so I decided to try working with a personal trainer.  Julia made the sessions very enjoyable with a wide variety of exercises designed to improve my strength and movement.  I also learned some useful stretches to do before and after playing.  The sessions really helped to improve my fitness and I would certainly recommend Julia to anyone looking for an approachable trainer who can design a good programme for their individual goals.

 Thanks again for all the enjoyable workouts.  I hope all goes well for you and that we'll meet again.  I'll try to keep my fitness up in the meantime!

-Simon Brown 

Business Coaching

Julia has been my personal & business coach for the past few years and I couldn’t speak highly enough of how she has helped me over this time. Her style is professional, relaxed, and challenging to ensure that I take the right steps in maximising my personal development and business opportunities. 

Julia pushed me to find a balance between my business and personal life and I am convinced there will be long lasting benefits as she equipped me with the skills to be more self-aware and courageous in any situation.

I now have the tools and the positive attitude to carry on with the changes I have put in place.

-Camille Furminieux 

 I’m disappointed that I missed out as everyone has been really positive about the session and found it really helpful.  It will definitely be worthwhile having a follow up session in the New Year.

-Diane Neho Payroll Manager Bupa Care Services 

Julia brought home to us the importance of simplifying our lives and saying ‘no’ to things that present as clutter in a negative, energy-draining way.  It was the first time that staff and partners heard each others views and it was done in a safe environment that enabled people to contribute to the discussion when and how they saw appropriate.”

-Kirsten McFadden, Human Resources, KPMG

I looked to Julia for help in October 2015, as I was looking for a personal trainer. I thought I should give it a go with no real expectations. I called Julia one afternoon and one of the first things she told me was "Oh dear, you need a life coach" she was right, after 5 sessions I was confident with my gym routine, but also with my body and mind. I also found the man of my life by relying on her advice.
10 months after I re-contacted Julia to help me get more confidence in my new role at work; 
(I have been promoted to a much higher position after working hard for years) once again, Julia increased my expectations by making me get what I want. 
We are still working on a healthier work/life balance but I can truly say that she is the kindest, non-judgmental and positive person I’ve ever met. She made me become such a stronger person. 
I highly recommend Julia and her coaching if you have any trouble to reach you happiness, as she will give you the best advice to get success in your life. 

-Camille Furminieux Manager 

Addiction Recovery

Red Door Recovery was without a doubt one of the most useful experiences of my life. I learned to appreciate myself as a person and appreciate the love and support of the people around me.

 The staff at Red Door are the kindest, most understanding people you will ever meet and no matter who you are they will always make you feel welcome. The program has its difficulties and you will be asked some hard questions but it also has plenty of enjoyable parts too. Since the course tries very hard to cater to each clients interests there is something for everyone.

 After graduating from Red Door I have been freed from the ball and chain of addiction and feel as though I can achieve anything.

-Male, 20 years, Red Door Recovery

The team helped me rediscover the me I have been hiding from for too long at the bottom of a bottle.

Returning home with a smile on my face and a spring in my step, the real me looks forward to embarking on a new journey and embracing my family that have supported me all the way. Thank you for being there Red Door and trusting in me and my recovery.

-Client, 59 years, Red Door Recovery

We feel like we have our daughter back again. 
Our view is that the Red Door model most definitely reconnected her to herself then us. 
Thank you so much, I'm just enjoying the new direction in our lives.

-Mother of client, Red Door Recovery


Bali Wellness & Cultural Retreat: I took the massive plunge and signed myself up for this retreat to Bali having never meet Julia before. I quickly booked my air flights so I couldn't back out of it. I was very nervous and my anxiety was through the roof. Well it is one of the best decisions of my life. I jumped on a plane with my rescue remedy in hand. Meeting Julia instantly put my mind to rest, as she has a beautiful calming influence about her. Her caring, confident and nurturing demeanor shone through and made the whole week a delightful relaxing experience. From the beautiful Ubud Sari Resort, the daily yoga and meditation, the exquisite food and breath taking cultural activities to the understated walks, and talks by the pool. Everything from start to finish was beautifully executed by a most inspirational lady. I cannot thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. For everyone who considered going on this retreat but had or made a reason not to, or said next year, well tomorrow never comes. Always take opportunities that present themselves at the time. Live in the present moment as this is where we all grow and develop as humans. This experience has changed the way I look at life for the better. Thank You Julia.

-Bridget L

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