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Addiction & Family Coaching/Counselling 

Addiction affects many more people than the addict.  We work with the addict but also with families or anyone affected by the effects of addiction.

I work in conjunction with addiction therapists. We work on the WHY and WHAT NEXT with a GAME PLAN to help those out of the addiction nightmare.

We coach/counsel people with addictions and substance abuse. Using a unique blend of life coaching and addiction counselling/therapy strategies, we are having positive results and feedback.

I previously partnered with Red Door Recovery, a programme designed to treat problems associated with substance abuse and addiction. Methamphetamine (P) and alcohol  feature heavily. 

I am here to help anyone suffering from:


  • Alcohol abuse 

  • Substance abuse 

  • Social Media addiction

  • Gaming addiction

  • Workaholic

  • Smoking

  • Those with a family member suffering from addiction 

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