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About Me 

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Thomas Carlyle said, “The block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak, became

a stepping-stone in the pathway of the strong”.

I can help you turn your obstacles into stepping stones. My background is in helping people solve their


My name is Julia Brooke and my qualifications include:

  • Certified Life and Business Coach (CoachU USA) CUG

  • Completed Advanced Coaching Programme

  • Certified Personal Trainer (Certificate Exercise Science Weltec Wellington)

  • BA English Literature

  • Certificate in Te Reo Maori Level 3 and ongoing.....

  • Life and Wellness Coach

  • Addiction coach (working with addiction counsellors with 

  • Red Door Recovery for 2 years)

  • NZ Registered Nurse

  • Company Director of Relocations International Wellington

 I have:

  • 24 years experience as a certified life/wellness coach

  • 24 years experience as a personal trainer 

  • 32 years experience settling people into New Zealand  

      Relocations International Wellington Limited 

  • 17 years experience cultural training

  • 14 years owning wholesale/retail business

  • 6 years as a registered nurse in Wellington and USA


As a life/personal development/wellness coach, personal trainer, ex nurse, company director and a mother,

grandmother, partner, I strive to practice what I coach by incorporating my passions into my life. 

What are my passions? -  People,  family, well-being, fitness and health, small business, and working with

individuals and corporates assisting them achieve results. My goal is to help people from all backgrounds

and cultures, from teenagers to adults, to achieve their life's purpose.

Although I loved nursing and the people contact, I became frustrated with seeing the same patients coming

in getting "fixed" and not heeding advice and returning soon after with the same conditions or worse. 

I decided I wanted to be the ambulance at the top of the cliff and not at the bottom.

                                                     Preventative is the solution

I love walking the talk and exercise - walks in the bush with Harry my Border Collie, tennis, golf, paddle

boarding the waves, and skiing. I work on my emotions and soul, practicing Energy Medicine, Chi gong, 

meditation, breathing techniques and I'm open to learning other healthy modalities.  I eat clean food and

as  much as possible grow my own vegetables and eat as many vegetables as I can with minimal meat. I

still enjoy fish, chicken and lamb.  

Holistic  - Emphasising the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts, looking at the

body, mind and soul for wellness.

Mauri tū mauri ora     An active soul is a healthy soul

Why Me?

I guarantee you results.  I will be passionately, unequivocally supportive of you. 

My skills and personal attributes mean I am able to listen carefully, empathise closely, pick up on things quickly, suspend judgement, think creatively and give you the respect and dignity you deserve.

I am able to reframe problems so that they become possibilities.  I enjoy people of all ages and cultures and am able to intuitively connect with you.

Would you like to discuss at no obligation to you how I can help you? Click the button below to book your free 15 minute consultation

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